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The battery is by far the most important component of any mobile device. If your Samsung's battery isn't function, then the whole phone will not function - and the longer you leave the phone dead the worse other components of the phone can begin to die and fizzle out. So if your battery is broken and not powering your device, you'll need to buy a replacement.

If your Samsung is less or even more than a year old and is suffering from a poor battery life, then it's time to invest in a new battery. You can rely on DR Mobile Tech to fit you a high-quality battery from the best retailers in the UK. Having a high-quality battery will prolong the life of your new battery.

Did you know we have a shop in Sittingbourne? So you're more than welcome to drop by and we can replace your battery for you there and then. Or, we can come to your office or home residence to drop off a battery. We boast our repair times being usually complete within the hour, so you won't be waiting long for your new battery.


Samsung Battery Replacement Prices

Samsung Galaxy S2£10
Samsung Galaxy S3£10
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini£10
Samsung Galaxy S4£10
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini£10
Samsung Galaxy S5£10
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini£10
Samsung Galaxy S6£25
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge£25
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus£30
Samsung Galaxy S7£30
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge£35
Samsung Galaxy S8£45
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus£45

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