Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge & S6 Edge Plus Screen Repair in Sittingbourne

Screen / LCD - £170.00 / £180.00 / £190.00

Please select your model and device colour below. You can choose this repair for a walk-in or a home repair service.


Replacing or repairing the touchscreen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 becomes necessary if the touch screen isn't functioning properly or indefinitely, which can be caused by scratched or smashed glass. We know it's not the easiest job to keep your screen full intact, and we also know no one wants to be paying mega-bucks for their new screen.

Our team at DR Mobile Tech are here to help you get your phone screen back to factory condition, fully functional and not a speck of dust in sight. We specialise in speedy repairs, so you won't be waiting long if you drop in at our Sittingbourne shop. Or, we can come to your home and repair your Samsung S6 model within the hour.

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