Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Screen Repair in Sittingbourne

Screen / LCD - £320.00 / £350.00

Please select your model and device colour below. You can choose this repair for a walk-in or a home repair service.


With the S8 being the latest addition to Samsung's Galaxy range - it's the most expensive, yet has the flimsiest screen. With the slimness of the device, it increases the chances of getting a smashed screen after it has been dropped or been in a similar situation.

We are a team of skilled technicians who specialise in Samsung screen repairs in Sittingbourne. We boast our competitive and unbeatable prices, with the UK's best parts from premium retailers.

If you've had a similar situation to the above and your phone screen is smashed, or the LCD has stopped working - then get in touch with us today. Either book a walk-in at our shop in Sittingbourne or book a home repair above.


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