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Has your iPhone been exposed to liquid or moisture and now your phone isn't working? Chances are, your phone has an encountered a water damage fault. At DR Mobile Tech we offer a FREE DIAGNOSIS, in which, we look to find where the water damage has effected within your mobile. We will run a series of different tests to identify the problem.

How it works

Book your repair online or via the phone

Drop off your mobile device(s)

We identify and repair your device(s)

You collect your device or we can deliver

If you choose DR Mobile Tech, we'll take a look at your device to identify the infected moistured area for free. From here, we can then treat your iPhone with a £15 charge for the water damage solution. Finally, any parts that are needed will be added to the final price.

Remember, the parts and components we use in our repairs are high quality.

Liquid or moisture damage to any electronic component of your iPhone is a progressive process, in which, the damage will get worse the longer you leave it. If you think your iPhone has water damage then it needs to be treated by a professional right away.

Please see our price list below.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Prices

iPhone 4£15
iPhone 4S£15
iPhone 5£15
iPhone 5C£15
iPhone 5S£15
iPhone 6£15
iPhone 6 Plus£15
iPhone 6S£15
iPhone 6S Plus£15
iPhone 7£15
iPhone 7 Plus£15
iPhone 8£15
iPhone 8 Plus£15
iPhone X£15

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